Our humanitarian works cut across training the youths in modern agricultural methods and techniques of farming and industrialization,and equipping them with the resources that are required to carry out their activities on modern agriculture with minimum supervision from BETTER FUTURE GLOBAL.Furthermore,they will be assisted to acquire farmlands from local communities and authorities on which to farm.This will also serves as a source of employment and training for other youths.Their products will be collected by BETTER FUTURE GLOBAL for onward transformation and distribution to ensure sustainable income from production.Their revenue will be calculated from the market value of the end product less the cost of transformation and distribution from the gross amount of the yields that will be collected.


Using agriculture, by training the youths, especially women,in modern agricultural methods and techniques, and equipping them with the materials and resources required to carry on modern agriculture with minimum supervision from Better Future Global. They will be assisted to acquire lands from local communities and authorities on which to farm, employ other youths and train them to become independent. All their products will be collected for onward transformation and distribution by Better Future Global to ensure and guarantee sustainable incomes from production. Their revenue will be calculated from the market value of the end product less the cost of transformation and distribution from the gross amount of their yields that will be collected.Eradication of poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, gender equality and greater empowerment of the woman, responsible consumption and production, climate action, etc.initially,which fall within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, constitute the major portion of the activities,leading to quality education and health.


Working in collaboration and co-operation with other organizations and local authorities to bring together youths in particular and people of working age, the majority of which will be women,to train
them on modern agriculture, equipping them with the skills and techniques required to engage on mechanized farming. Upon satisfactory completion of this training in particular aspect(s) of agriculture,these youths will be able to work independently, though under the supervision and guidance of
Better Future Global all the way, to ensure that the standards required to guarantee the per-determined output are upheld at all times, together with appropriate remuneration for all workers.
This will be achieved through the acquisition of farmlands from the local authorities and communities
that BetterFuture will use as the standard farm for practical training of the youths prior to assigning
them to their own lands for independent farming or assisting them acquire the appropriate lands to
engage on their farming activities independently. The transformation plants for feed mills and chicken,
fish, animal transformation will be centralized. The workers will also be trained and the plants will be
decentralized and established in other localities as the project expands.


Better Future Global will initiate consultations and negotiations with the local authorities and communities, especially those that have been deserted by the youths, to assist the youths acquire the appropriate lands required for their resettlement and to engage in the cultivation of all the crops required for the production of chicken and animal feeds initially, together with other cash crops.Better Future Global will also secure the necessary authorizations and permits required to engage in the transformation,packaging and distribution of the end products.These youths will be organized into pools and lands partitioned to them accordingly. Their roles at every level of the farming and transformation chain will be defined and assigned according to their training and skills acquired. This will ensure an optimization of the production process and guarantee maximum yields.


Better Future Global will install a major feed mill in the main farm which shall be operated by trained farmers on it operations.The crops produced by the youths will be collected by Better Future Global for further transformation into chicken feeds and farmers will be paid the market value for their products less the cost of production.These feeds will be exclusively for the poultry farms,if there is excess they will be offered for sale in the open market.Also eggs and chicken will be processed and distributed on behalf of the farmers to ensure the benefit from the additional value to be added.


Setting up an ultramodern and mechanized poultry for the production of hatches, eggs,chicken, with long term vision to produce mayonnaise.This unit will serve as the standard poultry that will train locals on the required standards for poultry farming before setting them up in a similar activity and guarantee the collection of all their products for processing and distribution. Their remuneration will reflect the final market price less the cost for the processing and or transformation. They will be paid monthly according to the size and initial production and at the end of any accounting periods all outstanding and accrued profits will be paid in bulk.

The nursing and farming of fish in different species, setting the standards and training of youths into the
activities and providing the means, equipment and materials to continue similar activities. This will
guarantee their independence in growing fish under the supervision of BetterFuture, that will also
collect and preserve their products according to the standards required for marketing and distribution,
to ensure that the fish are ever fresh and respect the prescribed standards for the preservation of fish
and related products.


To transform these into practical economic opportunities, leading to sustainable development and
poverty alleviation, youths, especially females, who own or can procure vast hectares of lands will be
provided with necessary materials, equipment, technical support, supervision, etc. as required to settle
them into any or all of the various segments of agriculture as mentioned above. The agricultural
equipment will be employed systematically to assist in terracing and leveling of lands, filling and
bulldozing, removal of roots and stones, etc. to ensure that all the farmlands meet the standards to
accommodate the particular crop to be produced. Everything that is produced will be collected by
BetterFuture for transformation and marketing while the farmer receives the market value of the
transformed products less all expenses. All poultry farmers, besides structural set up, and the provision
of hatches, layers and medical assistance, will also receive feeds that will be sufficient to maintain the
best and regulated standards for poultry farming. All the chickens and eggs will be collected by
BetterFuture for processing, transformation and onward marketing.