To ensure better health and the availability of basic amenities, we provide community water and waste
water treatment, purification and distribution systems to guarantee potable water that is lacking in most communities which is also the cause of many diseases and sudden deaths.
Environmental protection, and sanitation is achieved by collecting and clearing of urban, municipal,community wastes, including used tires which is converted into electrical energy for urban and municipal use. We also provide community health services through periodic consultations, laboratory
diagnostics and examinations, to ascertain the exact health problems of the communities and to provide appropriate treatments and preventive measures.


This model has been developed according to research that was carried out in some regions in Cameroon
by domain experts, in collaboration and consultation with some top executives of FAO in Cameroon. The
realities in almost all the countries in Africa are similar and this project can be duplicated many times
over in different countries and locations. For practical purposes we limited the launching in Cameroon
where the limited financial resources could permit the funding for the studies and other administrative
and fiscal requirements. Once the project becomes self-sustaining in Cameroon or concurrently with the
implementation, we will engage similar activities in other countries for the same purposes.


All the activities will be defined and designed, planned, analyzed, evaluated and controlled by
experienced domain-related experts who will also participate in the training-the-trainers programs that
we will organize regularly to ensure quality of service and professionalism at all times.
The plans will be reviewed periodically to ensure that modern developments in every domain are
incorporated and any changes in law and administrative procedures are respected.
The Finance and Accounting Department, through the services of internal auditors, that will be initially
recruited externally, will carry out internal audits at periodic intervals, while external auditors will carry
out similar audits periodically, document and publish the outcome to ensure transparency and smooth
management of resources.