Globalization and cultural diversity that characterize modern societies; the need for inclusiveness in social,professiona,political,economic,religious, moral,regulatory activities,etc.;the prevalence of latent health problems like heart diseases,diabetes,high blood pressure, high cholesterol,obesity,etc. that are potentially deadly though they can be prevented;povertyand economic hardships that characterize most of Africa and other regions of the world, etc. have motivated the creation and implementation of this system of interaction between sports for health and recreation in modern advanced communities,training and coaching for unemployed citizens to begin new careers, while generating material,technical,intellectual,financial support and guidance, to assist disadvantaged and disenfranchised Africans,especially in parts of Cameroon, who are victims of several political and economic turmoil, leading to hardship and sudden deaths.

The most appropriate solution to the economic hardship, unemployment and health-related issues that plague the affected regions in Cameroon that we have identified and researched into the sustainability, developed operational models for implementation, is Agriculture. We have designed a system to train the youths, predominantly young females, in modern agriculture and transformation of agricultural products, animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry, etc. and to empower and equip them with the technical and material resources required to work independently and continue the training of other youths.


We have identified some key sectors of the economy that require specialized but accessible and affordable knowledge prior to integration and we have developed training modules for entry staff to. These sectors include but not limited to Maritime and Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing Management, Land Transportation, Oil and Gas exploration entry personnel theoretical training, Management and operational staff training for Oil and gas, elementary training in occupational health and safety.

We will work with all the organizations dealing with unemployment and labor services that will regroup youths with no or minimum work experience who wish to develop careers in the sectors as mentioned