Bringing together mature people of different cultures and ethnicities, who are professionals or potential professionals in different works of life and social backgrounds, who do not have the possibility to create homogenous groups to participate in group sports activities at convenient schedules, to take this advantage to subscribe to any or all of the sports activities, according to the particular time and location which is most convenient, to be able to sustain good health, relaxation and develop other social relations and interactions that foster community-based integration. This will go a long way to alleviate cultural homophily, encourage cultural,social, political,economic inclusiveness in diversity,community integrations and communities’ interactions, etc.

The majority of the proceeds that would be generated from the social and recreational competitions,
through sponsorships and other collaborative financial support from organizations that support health
and the prevention of health hazards, sports and recreation, diversity and inclusion, etc., will be
channeled towards supporting the humanitarian agriculture projects towards poverty alleviation,
creating employment, sustainable development and better health for all.


Working in collaboration with indoor sporting facilities owners and operators,securing the best and most convenient times of the day, preferably evenings on week days, and flexible times during the week
ends, to make sure workers are able to conveniently participate in their preferred sports activity at least once every week. This will go a long way to prevent all of the above diseases that can be eradicated by regular sports. It will also reduce hospital attendances due to regular discomfort that are inevitable due to lack of sports.The age range for participants, both male and female will be between twenty-five to thirty-two years old and thirty-three and above for men. There will be a single category for women that will be from the age of twenty-five years. The sports activities will include basketball, soccer,volley ball, and will be increased progressively. The activities will be divided into winter indoors and summer outdoors, especially for soccer.Most of the participants who will be interested in participating in inter-city fun competitions will indicate from the beginning and will be considered when selecting the players for the city teams that will be coordinated by sports professionals in the respective disciplines. The cities will be able to play against each other in a recreational and relaxation system in the summer,bringing people of advanced ages, who are not domain sports professionals to potentially compete like professionals in recreation,and to afford the opportunities for people to participate in the recreational management of sports and


Our team of trained experts who will coordinate the indoor games during the winter will select and pair the participants into teams that will be able to train together and participate in their various disciplines on regular outdoor facilities during the summer. There will be regular summer league games and fun tournaments among the teams all through the summer period. There will be inter-city tournaments and periodic one–day tournaments that will be organized in different cities that will bring teams together to play, interact and relax. This will culminate in intra-provincial and inter provincial sports recreation tournaments in collaboration with the various authorities in charge of the various sports disciplines.

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